Friday, May 31, 2013

5.31.13 pt. 2

I've been looking over some photos from the last few years and I came across pictures I took in Kenya in 2011. I loved Africa and I'm determined to go back as soon as an opportunity presents itself, but for now I can just post some of what I saw on safari! I'll add more photos of Nairobi in the coming weeks.

 This is my all time favorite place on the face of this earth-the Maasai Mara. The Mara is essentially the northern tip of the Serengeti plains and gets its name from the Maasai tribe of Kenya. I'm pretty sure I could retire here and be completely content. 

We were really lucky to come across a group of cheetahs (who were not in a very good mood, might I add). My guess is that they are all siblings, because I don't think they generally live in groups otherwise. The picture seems really close right? A lot of the animals in the Mara are used to cars being around, so that allows us to get pretty close! 

This was probably my favorite moment on safari because we got to witness a pride of lionesses hunting for zebra. As gruesome as it is, 1) it's the circle of life (gotta love the lion king) and 2) you could spend months on safari and not get to witness this so the fact that it happened on the first ride out is unbelievable. The grass is blurry because we were literally driving alongside the lioness as she was running after the zebra. It was need to see them working as a team and using our cars as cover so that they could sneak up on their prey.

And the result of the hunt ended in this:

And the adults were soon to be joined by the cubs.

Later we came across a herd of elephants (this was only a few of them) and as happy as I was to see them, I don't think they reciprocated my excitement... ;)

There is nothing like a sunset in the Mara, I miss those.

And on the way back, we came across this interesting cargo...who knew you could strap live goats down to the top of your car to transport it? technically this place isn't the Maasai Mara, but I thought it was appropriate to add it to the bunch :) 



Hey bloggers!

I went on an amazing 8.5 mile run this morning with one of my best friends, Rebekah. It'll be our last run together for a while because she is going to have an amazing summer in Michigan working at the Blue Lake Fine Arts camp, and I will be in Tennessee at the Sewanee Summer Music Festival. She will come back from Blue Lake just in time for me to pack up and move northeast to Boston.

Here are a couple photos from our run! We started on campus at the garage-mahal, and ran down through the river trail at Cameron Park.

The quality isn't great, so I'm still working out a way to upload photo with a higher quality picture...but none the less, it was a beautiful run in some extremely humid weather.

I haven't been on very many long runs since I ran the Bearathon in March, but I got some new running gear that I really loved using this morning!

First, I have to give some major credit to my socks (sounds lame I know, but stick with me). I came across a brand of socks called Feetures! (cute, right?) I use the Elite line, and they have never failed me. Because my right foot is a 7 and a half and my left foot is an 8, I always get blisters on my right foot, which is a problem in running long distances. When I bought my first pair of real running shoes (asics gel-kayano 18's), I picked up a pair and have now acquired three more since. In the 250 miles run in my shoes with these socks, I haven't had a single blister.

Now, these socks don't come cheap at $15 a pair, but they are 100% worth it. I know the company makes a few more styles that are less expensive, but I haven't tried them. You can find them at some local running stores (although I haven't found them in Waco, they sell them at The Runner in Arlington) and online here on their website :)

My second fun gadget I got to use today for the first time is my new Nathan Hydration Belt! I originally had a belt with two water bottles, but since I've lost weight it is too big for me. I found this one on clearance at The Runner in Arlington for only $25! I didn't think I would like having four bottles instead of two because they can get heavy, but I was pleasantly surprised by it this morning. The belts with two bottles make make you feel like you have some extra junk in the trunk ;) but having four bottles makes you feel so much more balanced. 

This will come in handy because having the extra water on me will be helpful with the summer heat in Texas and Tennessee. It will also be helpful as my long runs will get even longer as I train for my very first marathon, which leads me to my next point!

I'm so excited to share that I've decided that I am going to run the Allen Marathon on New Years Eve, and hopefully my friend Rebekah will join me :) 

                                                    Until tomorrow,

Thursday, May 30, 2013

5.30.13 pt. 2

Hey bloggers!

I want to share my awesome graduation present from my sister. I am now the proud owner of two (since I'm lazy with doing dishes) Bodum Travel Press mugs. These bad boys French press your coffee right in the mug! I am particularly excited because I don't need to buy a coffee maker for my oh-so-spacious (not) efficiency in Boston this fall.  They run about $30 on amazon, and they are worth every penny.


Hey bloggers! I spent some time out at a couple local stores window shopping today to keep myself entertained. I came across a few awesome things :)

I mean come's pretty funny ;)

Oh, and I totally love some of the jewelry styles out for this summer - big, bold, and bright! I especially love the coral mixed with some of the cream hues. This jewelry is easily a great addition to a casual outfit or a fun way to dress up a fancy evening :)

Another huge summer trend I'm noticing is stripes. Bold or soft, they are all over the place and I'm loving it. I think these particular dresses would all be great with a fun pair of sandals and big chunky jewelry!

Another great summer trend is the fit and flare dress, its flattering on so many different body types and super comfortable. I like this one a lot because it has a little bit of edge to it with the brass studs. It'll go great with heels, wedges or sandals, making it very versatile!

Just thought this was cute :) I love seeing quotes like this because it's so important to work towards and beyond your greatest potential.

Found a sweet deal today! I love checking out clearance racks at boutique shops because you never know what you'll find. I love it with my favorite wedges and some gold bangles :) Dresses like this are easy to slip on and wear around town, dress up for a date night, or wear to church. 

Originally $48, on sale for $10 ;)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5.29.13 pt. 2

So I'm a total gym's now 12:30 at night and I just couldn't help myself. it was one of those days where I didn't eat well and as much as I wanted a day off at the gym, I don't feel like I deserve it..hahaha.

Sleep well bloggers!



Hey bloggers! I've found some pretty sick deals this week out shopping.

First, a bracelet that goes well with pretty much anything :) I found it for $3.98 on clearance at target! 

Second was a slightly larger investment, but still a good deal! I had originally found an opal ring that I loved in Santa Fe, NM, but unfortunately the stone broke out and I couldn't find it to get I went on the hunt for a new opal ring! After checking like 20 stores, I finally found one at Sears...oddly enough. But in any case, here it is!

It was originally $179, but is currently on sale for $60 :)

Who said awesome accessories had to be expensive ;)